Summer Time Health Benefits of Sipping that Hot Cup of Tea!

Benefits of Sipping hot cup of tea

CRB Tech reviews feels that a hot cup of tea, that too in summer, would be a no no for many. The reason could be the already higher temperature and the heat. May be one could think of drinking some, in the comparatively cooler mornings in summer. That's it...

But, guess what,

Numerous studies conducted off late, have demonstrated that drinking hot tea amid summer is not perilous when done with some restraint. Then again, these studies claim that tea can chill down the body in hot temperatures besides offering quite a few health benefits.

In the event that you wish to devour ginger tea in summer to get the health benefits, however, are agonizing over the heat, then you can set aside your stresses and move ahead.

There are may assortments of tea; green tea, black tea, herbal tea etc. What's more, we as a whole realize that there are sure health wise benefits as well.

The quantity happens to be the key over here. Let's check out the health benefits of drinking hot tea in moderate amounts during summer.

1.Cooling from within:

A tea cup can trigger your body's natural cooling framework. The rationale behind this is the point at which your body feels hot, the interior cooling framework begins attempting to chill it off. Hot tea does the task of setting off those cooling frameworks.


A few people report that their thirst gets satisfied after having some tea in summer while others say that they feel parched after having a cup of tea. As there are numerous different components like loss of water and the kind of tea you are devouring, specialists have not yet come to the conclusion whether tea can be revitalizing for everyone or not.

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3.Ice tea against hot tea:

A research held in UK uncovered that inspite of the fact that ice tea cuts down the body temperatures, some hot tea relatively chills off the body drastically.

4.Cools down the body temperature:

A recent study asserts that the body chills off somewhat after a man drinks hot tea in summer. In spite of the fact that this reality shocks us, tea chills off the body.

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Research reveals that caffeine present in the tea may be the explanation behind the cooling off phenomenon. As it makes you sweat, your body may chill off a bit when you devour hot tea in hot climate.


Tea can help in the production of saliva in your mouth. It delivers more saliva in your mouth might be as a result of the pectin, amino acids and sugar content in it. Along these lines, it can hydrate your mouth.

6.Less caffeine content:

Herbal mixes are known to have no caffeine, while conventional teas have under 50 percent of what normally is found in coffee. That implies you can drink it without those annoying impacts on your nervous system, says Leslie Bonci, nutritionist and proprietor of Active Eating Advice.

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7.Reduced chances of heart attack and stroke:

According to a study out not long ago that consolidated information from a number of prior reports found an almost 20 percent decrease in the danger of heart attack and a 35 percent lessened danger of stroke amongst the individuals who drank one to three cups of green tea a day. The individuals who drank at least three to four cups of green tea every day had a 32 percent lesser danger of having a heart attack and lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

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CRB Tech reviews would suggest that you can try out hot tea to cool off this summer. You can prepare it at home, or it is easily available on streets as well.

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