Sunil Grover Reportedly Quits Kapil Sharma Show

The recent reply by Kapil Sharma to Sunil Grover’s shocking farewell note confirms the latter has quit the show. This blog by CRB Tech Reviews brings you the inside story.

Sunil Grover Reportedly Quits Kapil Sharma Show

Folks! The Twitter exchange between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is very awkward!

The struggle is getting uglier. While till date, Kapil Sharma was making his fans believe that he and his bro, Sunil Grover haven’t fallen out and that it was just a ‘healthy fight’. Sunil Grover has now exposed Kapil Sharma’s reality by not only accusing him of ‘ill treating’ him but also dropping hints of quitting The Comedy Night Show. Yes, Sunil in his recent tweet finally broke his silence on being badly hurt by Kapil. Sunil wrote, “Refrain from using foul language in front of women who had nothing to do with the stardom you carry, they are by chance just travelling with you. Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have power to throw out anybody, anytime. You are the wittiest and the best in your field. But don’t act like a ‘God’.” This shows how major differences have crept in between the two. And we all know what’s worse!

Despite Sunil’s befitting reply to Kapil’s starry attitude, the latter is still trying to mend ways and behave as if nothing much has changed between the two. We moved down the comments on Sunil’s above tweet we found Kapil has tweeted by saying much love to Sunil and confessed that he misses him on the show. He wrote that today he packed up at 6 am after so long and he missed so many things.. Love you .. See you in evening at your home.” Following this, he further added, SunilGrover paji dil jitt liya tusi.. Now I love you more and more and more .. hun bada mazaa aan wala a.. akal aan to baad.. I love u.”
Sunil Grover Reportedly Quits Kapil Sharma Show

To everything Sunil responded, Bro you hurt me deeply. Working with you had been a learning experience. But one advice start respecting human beings also apart from animals. Everybody is not as successful as you are. But if they all are talented like Kapil would value him. So need to be grateful towards their existence. And Sunil continued that if someone tries to correct you, don’t abuse or hurt him. Refrain from using foul language in front of women who has nothing to do with your stardom; they were merely travelling with you. 

The above saying says it all that Sunil Grover is no mood for a patch up. Till the blog got published it was reported that Sunil Grover has quit the show. Stay connected with us for all upcoming updates about the same.

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