Begum Jaan Review: Vidya Balan’s Acting Prowess Makes This Partition Drama Watchable

Vidya Balan emerges among the rest with her strong acting prowess. Keep reading this blog by CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

Begum Jaan Review: Vidya Balan’s Acting Prowess Makes This Partition Drama Watchable

An adaptation of an acclaimed 2014 Bengali movie, Rajkahini, Begum Jaan shows us another story of the story of partition, when India and Pakistan drew borders. Millions of people were killed, and decades old enmity began between two countries which was once upon a time one. Srijit Mukherji directs this one, while Vidya Balan plays the lead protagonist. Sreeju Sudhakaran after watching the movie reviewed about the movie in details.

The movie starts in 2016, in a scene that becomes uncomfortable by the minute, before it moves 70 years back to 1947 when a British diplomat called Radcliffe drew a line that divided two countries, and along with millions of people, a brothel run by a Begum Jaan was victimised. The first half introduces us to the inhabitants of the haweli, the prostitutes, some of whom were victims of gang rape. Begum Jaan is the mother-like figure for them, who oscillate being a kindred spirit to a strict hand when the situation demands. Some of them have their own love stories, but nothing matters within the four walls of that brothel. Until that fateful day when the administrators from both the countries came with an eviction notice.

Though it has its moments, Begum Jaan moves in an amazing pace in the first half trying to set up the characters and the camaraderie of the Begum and her girls. While Prem Mein Tohre song works, a couple of scenes annoys. Back stories of some secondary characters, like the two administrators, were irrelevant. The film is bold, perhaps too bold for a mainstream Bollywood movie. Among the ensemble, Vidya Balan emerges among the rest with her strong acting; via her character which has rough edges.

The film peaks when it depicted the effects of partition, which is confined to a very few scenes in the first half. After the interval, the movie points where it promises to focus more on partition drama. And also mentionable are the characters of Chunkey Pandey and Naseeruddin Shah.

The movie is a Hindi makeover of a popular Bengali movie ”Rajkahini” where the Begum was portrayed by Rituparna Sengupta who’s an ace actress of Bengal and has several laurels under her name. During the promotion of the film both the Begums, Rituparna and Vidya happened to share the same platform and interacted with each other.

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