Is This How Parineeti Defends Her ‘Sob’ Story?

If you are a movie buff or keep your eyes hooked to current affairs, you must have come across Parineeti Chopra’s sob story of calling herself poor in school days. This blog topic covers the entire mellow drama. Keep reading CRB Tech Reviews to know more. 

Is This How Parineeti Defends Her ‘Sob’ Story?
Initially Pari said that she was so poor that she didn’t have a car to go to school and had to ride her way in a bicycle. She talked about being poor and poverty, which was not taken with cool. While the nation mocked her at her ignorance, one of her school mate took to Facebook to highlight us with reality. The post is shared below:
The post had also received many comments and support from Chopra's fellow schoolmates who seemed pretty shocked with her version of events.

Next the babe, Parineeti Chopra has come out with more reasons or excuses in her defence after she was accused by her schoolmates in that Facebook post for publicly lying about her family's financial status at an event organised by a self-defence academy for women in Mumbai. 

Sharing her personal experience with the martial arts students, the 34-year-old actress, Pari had said that she used to travel to school in Ambala by a bicycle as her family was going through a financial crisis and didn't have enough money to provide her with facilities like a bus or car and a driver.

The statement given by the actress at the event didn't go down well with her classmates and one of them took to Facebook to slam her for allegedly seeking publicity with a framed sob story. 

In her defence, Pari said that all she stated that her dad had a car, which he used to commute for office and as kids they never got an opportunity to ride the car to school. Pari recollected that she and her sibling used to ride in a cycle while their father followed them in car, to ensure their safe go to school.

Pari at this mention said that she didn’t like to visit school in cycle, but now she realised that all their parents wanted was to make them self confident. She’s glad at that realisation. 

Let’s see what others have to say now. It appears that battle of words and blames would continue or might stop.

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