The Purpose Of Justin Bieber Concert Was To Miff The Rich Crowd

All were eager for Justin Bieber's Mumbai concert as the Canadian pop sensation took centre stage to rock the stage. The intent was to excite one and all. The outcome however was disgusting and unexpected. Keep reading CRB Tech Reviews to know more.

The Purpose Of Justin Bieber Concert Was To Miff The Rich Crowd

There was a lot of excitement among his fans which could be seen with an evident packed stadium. 

There are people who felt sorry for not having adequate money or the needed high-profile strings to get an access to such events. Twitter, says a different story, as news of Justin Bieber lip-syncing at the expensive concert broke the internet.

The Purpose Of Justin Bieber Concert Was To Miff The Rich Crowd
Believers, who spent money to buy the tickets of the concert ranging from Rs 4000 to a steep Rs 76,000, were not only shocked but were left to an utter disappointment after they reportedly saw the 23-year-old singer lip syncing all his songs during his 'live' performance. 

Singer Sona Mohapatra was among the celebrities who not only took a jibe at actors-turned-singers but also slammed Justin for cheating his fans.
Columnist Shobha De too added some fuel with her words.

Actress Bipasha Basu and her husband left the venue within 5 minutes after their arrival. 

The area was so over-crowded and with lack of security personnel, they decided to go out on a dinner date instead. 

The Purpose Of Justin Bieber Concert Was To Miff The Rich Crowd

Talking about the loopholes of the concert, a report suggests that Bieber not only made a late entry to start with but also when he decided to show up an acoustic performance, he realized that his guitar was not tuned. 

Confirming to the lip sync buzz, the report quoted a witness –

The witness said that as Justin Bieber was performing 'Love Yourself', he could overhear people wondering if Bieber was actually singing or was it all lip sync. To his amateur ear it sounded like the song was playing straight from YouTube. As he searched for a big scoop, he was lucky that he was standing next to a popular Indian singer, and when he asked if he indeed was lip syncing, a gentle affirmative nod confirmed the sad truth. Later he could see the same singer interact with another singer and talk about the same. Clearly, people were not impressed.

One could feel the poor performance after an hour when people in the VVIP lounge started making plans for the rest of the night, and started moving out. He sang his hits which included Baby, What Do You Mean among the other A listers and while the crowd near the stage were too busy having a good time, people around the witness started leaving, in a hope to miss the traffic jam.

The 'Purpose Tour' concert has actually created a traffic jam outside the stadium, giving troubles to other commuters. 

In short, it was a real flop show of all the hype created.

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