OMG! Shruti Haasan Walks Out Of Sundar C’s Epic Sangamithra

Sangamithra owes to be one of the few mega budget films announced after the super success of Baahubali franchise. Now Shruti has left the epic. Why? To know more read CRB Tech Reviews.

OMG! Shruti Haasan Walks Out Of Sundar C’s Epic Sangamithra

The graphic designers who made the posters for Sangamithra will be an annoyed now. After putting so many efforts to make Shruti Haasan look like a compelling warrior in the concept art of the movie, the actress walked out of the film in a shocking development. The producers, Shri Thendral Films, have confirmed the news of her departure through a tweet, which says, due to unavoidable circumstances, they are unable to continue working with Shruti Haasan in Sangamithra. But, they haven’t mentioned the reason why Shruti Haasan chose to leave the movie.

This exit was shocking, because the actress was a part of the movie team’s Cannes sojourn only a week ago. The actress, who had visited the prestigious film festival before, acted as a guide for the team, many of whom were making their Cannes debut, like AR Rahman, Jayam Ravi and Arya. So what happened in this past week that made the actress depart from the film is a matter of assumptions, until someone from the team throws more light on the matter.

Shruti’s official spokesperson told in a statement that, Shruti had to unfortunately take a call not to be a part of Sangamithra. It was a massive undertaking and a long commitment duration of over 2 years, she knew the importance of her training, a comprehensive script and proper date calendar. She hired and started training with one of best combat trainers since April to make sure she was ready in time for shoot. Despite her eagerness and commitment to Sangamithra, she has had to give the film a miss since she neither received a proper bound script nor a proper date calendar. She is currently busy with promoting her Hindi film Behen Hogi Teri, prep for Sabash Naidu and her musical associations.

Sangamithra was a story about the kingdom in the 12th century, where Jayam Ravi, Arya and Shruti Haasan were supposed to play warriors in the epic movie. Well, we wonder now who gonna be replacing Shruti with next!

As per latest updates, the actress will be next seen in a comedy with Rajkummar Rao, Behen Hogi Teri that is slated to release on June 9.

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