Sunny Leone Defends Priyanka Chopra's dress: If PM Modi Had A Problem, He Would Have Said

It seems Sunny Leone is defending Priyanka Chopra's choice of dress while meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To know more keep reading CRB Tech Reviews.

Sunny Leone Defends Priyanka Chopra's dress: If PM Modi Had A Problem, He Would Have Said

Priyanka Chopra is a happy girl and she has reasons for the same. Priyanka Chopra’s biography is so enthralling from being crowned miss world to her Hollywood rise. After all, her charming life is taking her places. Recently, the actress was seen sharing a couple of photos on Instagram about her adventures in Berlin. From a plane-selfie to posing in front of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial, the actress is busy being a tourist, even though she is on a work trip to promote Baywatch in the city.

Chopra even managed to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and took to social media platforms to share her excitement. She quoted that it was a lovely coincidence to be in #berlin at the same time as the Prime Minister. “Thank you @narendramodi Sir for taking the time from your busy schedule to meet me this morning,” wrote Chopra in her Instagram post

When Priyanka Chopra posted on social media about her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin, little she know that she would face so many backlashes for her choice of dress. Uber-conservative trolls might have slammed her "exposing her legs" but Sunny Leone came to Priyanka's defence.

At an event in Mumbai on Thursday, Sunny was quoted by IANS where she said that she believes that we have elected a very smart man to be the Prime Minister of India. He is so smart, so intelligent and so outspoken that if he had a problem with Priyanka wearing a short dress, he would tell Priyanka. But he didn't.

Sunny added that she knew how Priyanka gives back to society, she’s so good to people. So let's judge her based on her actions and not by her clothes.

Priyanka responded to the trolls by posting a photo of herself and her mother Madhu Chopra flaunting their legs. Earlier, Varun Dhawan supported the actor by saying that Indians must be proud of her achievements globally.

Did you watch sizzling Priyanka Chopra Baywatch trailer? The Baywatch 2017 trailer showed the Quantico girl in a new avatar in negative role. She looked amazing and even the Baywatch Priyanka Chopra Poster was also very amazing; but the film did badly owing to lack of portrayal of the original TV series. 

However, some celebrities, like Amitabh Bachchan have refrained from commenting. When Big B was asked about the issue, he maintained diplomacy and stated that neither he’s the Prime Minister nor he is Priyanka Chopra.

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