Sushant Singh Rajput Says He Would Love To Do A Dance-Based Film

On Monday, actor SushantSingh Rajputsaid that he would love to do a film like 'Black Swan' with dance as the central theme. To know more keep reading CRB Tech Reviews.

Sushant during the promotion of his upcoming film Raabta, said that if a dance-basedfilmlike 'Black Swan' comes his way, he would readily say yes to it. He really does not pick my films thinking that he would be able to dance in it but if he gets a film that has dance as the central theme, he would jump into it. 

He said that dance has been a major communicating medium in his life, the actor said while doing the films he thinks to perspective of a dancer.

He said that before joining theatre, he used to be a background dancer. So he has learnt to communicate through rhythm. Even on the sets, he keeps thinking like a dancer. He keeps thinking about the rhythm of the scene and the character.

The actor, who portrayed former Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni in his previous film, said he always chose films which with an interesting script that challenges him as an actor in some way.
He said that he never decided his films thinking that this would do well in the market. He cannot think that way. If he finds something interesting while reading the script, he goes for it. A reported also stated Shushant Singh Rajput:I Don't work for awards.
Sushant continued to say that in all his films, be it 'Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!', 'M.S.Dhoni, or the double role he played in his upcoming film, he always felt there is an element of challenge involved in them. He initially felt that he would not be able to do these roles and that's what pushed him to say yes.
The latest news about the actor is that, he would be seen showcasing his singing talent on popular comedy show "The Kapil Sharma Show".
Sushant appeared on the show on June 3 along with actress Kriti Sanon to promote their forthcoming film "Raabta". In the occasion, Sushant and Kriti talked about their earlier days of struggles and interacted with their fans.

The actor also fulfilled a fan's dream by singing for her, as reported by a statement.
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